Batavus Bingo - won't start


I picked up a 197? Batavus Bingo recently. I can't get it to start.

I can see what appears to be a good spark when testing against the cylinder head. I have fuel flow because every time I remove the plug it's wet.

But the darn thing won't start. Lights don't work either but the horn does.

I replaced the condenser, got a new plug, checked timing - but still won't fire up.

What could my issue be if I have fuel flow and spark, but it won't start (I believe compression is ok - what should it be for a Laura M48 engine?)


Re: Batavus Bingo - won't start

what is the compression?

Re: Batavus Bingo - won't start

It's about 90 PSI. I'm not sure what it's supposed to be on a Batavus Laura M48 engine? I've done the "thumb" test and it seems to have good compression but I'm not sure.

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bike should start at 90 but is hard to start at 85 and near impossible at 80, plug is probably fouled by now. if you know timing is good and theres spark and fuel and don't hear a pop, no smoke, no heat, then it's time to pull the head/cylinder or just keep spinning it forever.

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Thumb test is a crap shoot . One guy swore compression was real good according to the thumb test . Ended up using a compression tester . Turns out it was 35 - 45 pounds . That was after chasing his tail for a couple weeks .

Re: Batavus Bingo - won't start

Try also dropping the exhaust pipe and crank her over with throttle wide open without the pipe and see if you get a pop. My '78 Batavus, the entire exhaust was very carborized. It solidifies like rock inside the exhaust. Possibly lame input but, I didn't know mine was that bad until I took it off and examined it. Also, habe you given your carb a good cleaning? Lots of tiny ports that get clogged with old gas. Definitely pull and clean your jet. Also, inspect spark plug. Replace if fouled and make sure you set your gap correctly. These little engines need a very specific gap. Good luck!

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Thumb test is a crap shoot

This is very true especially if you have weak thumbs. 50 Psi can pop that opposable friend off easy.

I on the other hand have extremely strong thumbs I believe gained from many years hitch hiking in my younger days. It has been documented that I can hold down 250 psi cylinder pressure.

Here's me in Oklahoma. I have no idea who that woman was .

Re: Batavus Bingo - won't start


Here's what I know:

-carb is clean

-exhaust is clean - I pulled it off and it actually started very briefly for about 2 seconds and cut out again, but I haven't been able to do it again

-it's not a fuel issue because the plug is wet when I remove it, and also it will not start with starter fluid

-spark seems fine, blue and nice and consistent

Just borrowed a compression tester and it's barely reading 80 PSI - this points to an obvious compression issue right? What would be some steps to try to fix this?

Also a question re timing - I believe the timing is ok, but even if it is off it should still start right? Maybe not perform well but still at least start, especially with starter fluid?

Thanks as always for all of the help.

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like the others said 80 PSI is doubtful to start. If you were to roll down a long hill that might get the motor to spin fast enough to create enough condition for it to start but guaranteed It will be weak and won't want to idle. once it heats up the expansion will more decrease the compression and it will die a slow death.

Dribble some 90 wt oil in the cilnder and then it will start. Just for smoke and fun. Good smell too.

Re: Batavus Bingo - won't start

I'm trying to start it using a drill, so I'm spinning it really fast but nothing. Not even with starter fluid, WD-40, nothing. I just used the same gauge to check compression on my Peugeot and it was reading about the same... 80... and it starts fine. I agree with you it could be the compression but that's puzzling me.

Since it won't even pop with starter fluid, I'm wondering if there's a chance the spark is going away when I insert the plug into the spark plug hole? Not sure if this is a possibility - could it be that I see a nice spark when I do a test, but when put into the cylinder it could somehow kill it?

Also is it possible that it wouldn't start if timing was off? I'll re-check timing but I would think it would at least start? (edited)

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Ok I've just read Cheetachrome's thoughts on another thread and it lead me to remove the plug cap, cut a 1/4 inch off the plug wire, expose the wire and try for spark.

What I am noticing is I see spark jump when I hold the wire to the cylinder base, but when I hold it to the cylinder head NO spark. What the heck does this mean lol? I think when I am screwing the plug into the cylinder head somehow I am losing the nice spark I see externally.

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Maybe your HT wire is bad ?

Or , the head is somehow insulated from the base/cylinder ?

Did you take a quarter inch off the coil end of the HT wire too and reinsert it ? (edited)

Re: Batavus Bingo - won't start

It sounds very much like the cylinder head is somehow insulated from the rest of the engine. Possibly a layer of rust has built up between the head bolts and the head itself, which is unlikely but it's all I can think of. Pull one of the head bolts out and examine it and its washer and the area around the bolt hole in the head. I suppose that the head gasket is providing its share of insulation as well.

I, on the other hand, am replacing crankshaft seals in my '84 Trac Clipper, which is a Korean Batavus. It's not as difficult as advertised, for they come out from the outside.

Mark Kinsler

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