Sachs Clutch Cable

Is it possible to replace the clutch cable on a Sachs Balboa without removing the Clutch Stack. Thanks

Re: Sachs Clutch Cable

Yep, cable is attached to the arm actuator that pushes the clutch pack in.

Re: Sachs Clutch Cable

That being said I haven't had to do it.

Re: Sachs Clutch Cable

My cable is frayed at the clutch handle, hanging on by a couple strands , just a mess. Thanks

Re: Sachs Clutch Cable

I've had some luck cutting the cable housing shorter and/or removing the section between the decomp and clutch while plugging the decomp. this can sometmes give juuust enough extra cable on the end to cut off the frayed bit and salvage the cable.

Unfortunately the cables arent always easy to come by but treats finally has them now. What I've had to do in the past is because theyve got that rather specific end, you can drill out the cable from the clutch-side barrel and then drill a slightly larger hole on the one side, which allows you to put a bicycle derailleur cable or an old throttle cable in there and get it all to work with a new cable and the old barrel. been meaning to write a quick how to, but now you can just buy the new cable and it's only like 12 bucks...

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