1977 Honda Express Carb


I got my 1977 honda express started tonight with a spray of starter fluid in the carb. It would only run for a short time then die. So on to taking the carb off. Had extremely difficult time getting the carb off. The back screw on the frame that holds the plastic air box to the carb was a pain to get off. It is hard to get to as the rear fender is in the way. My box is a bit beat up I think from someone having the same issue. Does everyone else remove the rear fender and tire just to get the carb off? Secondly I couldn't get the slide top off the carb so I just took the bottom off and found a jet in the bottom. Short one cylindar shaped a out a half inch long. Both sides are flat and it has a hole through it that I unplugged, I don't know why it would be in the bottom and wher it goes. Third does anyone have an oil shaft I could buy for a 77? Someone removed it and went to premix and I want to go back to original.

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