Sachs MadAss 125 - Speedometer Issues & Key Blanks

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I recently picked-up a Sachs MadAss 125cc. The Speedometer turns on, but does not register any speed while driving.

Noting that the speedo has a space for a single Coin-style battery (no battery was installed). In the repair manuals that I can find (older years) two LR44 batteries are listed as the battery, but this is not correct for this bike as this one takes one larger battery. I tried a 3v coin battery (CR2016), but it didn't help, or really seem to do anything... Wondering if anyone knows the correct battery size for the stock speedo...?

Also, does anyone know what style / type of key this bike takes? I have one Key and cannot find a spare. I know that these are Chinese manufactured bikes, but no idea which type of key / cross-compatibility with other brands.

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Re: Sachs MadAss 125 - Speedometer Issues & Key Blanks

You would probably have better luck on a horizontal Honda forum. That being said, it's gonna be rough regardless, and replacement parts are gonna be impossible.

Is the battery type embossed into the plastic? It's possible the battery was eliminated in later revisions and the just used the same mold to decrease costs.

The key switch is most likely universal, remove it and look for a matching complete replacement on AliExpress

Re: Sachs MadAss 125 - Speedometer Issues & Key Blanks

Pushrod Fifty /

I think Mark's Motorsports in Enfield. CT sold them. They were a moped shop years ago and may be helpfull.

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