Morini Gyromat stalling - Dellorto SHA 14 12

Philippe Monette /

Hello all,

I am new here and just got my 1978 Blanco after restoration. Motor had 300 original miles so was not opened but everything has been cleaned (fuel tank, new gas line, carb, filters, cables, new pipe...). the first 30 miles went perfect but since, randomly, the motor wants to stall (and sometimes stall) when I want to accelerate from a stop. I also feel it drops while I am riding and pull the throttle. It drops before picking up again.

Oil mix is 32:1 regular gas and my carb is a Dellorto SHA 14 12. It holds idle very well.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your help

Re: Morini Gyromat stalling - Dellorto SHA 14 12

Beach Club Nick /

A restoration shouldn't be called such if you don't open up the motor and replace the 42 year old bearings and rubber seals.

Look at the spark plug, what jet is in your carb? You put a new carb on instead of cleaning the old one, did you make sure it had the same jet as the original? My guess is you're fouling plugs or your carb is dirty.

Re: Morini Gyromat stalling - Dellorto SHA 14 12

Philippe Monette /

Thanks for the quick answer,

Sorry for using the term restoration. It might have been lost in translation since my first language is French. The carb is original so the jet is the same as it always was. Plug is new also. I will have a look at it and also at the carb.

Thanks again


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