Is my jury rig causing the issue?

When I changed the oil on my V1 about a 2 months ago the little brown plastic cap on the top of the side of the engine broke apart. The top of it snapped off and the bottom threaded bit was screwed in the hole. (I broke it while screwing it back in)

So I took a washer and a small screw and glued them together like the picture below. However recently I've noticed that the pedals are harder to turn and that my "solution" isn't air tight as bubbles form when the engine warms up. The pedal thing isn't noticeable when riding, it's just more hard when turning it by hand.

I was wondering if the pedal resistance was related and if I could plug the leak with more glue. (I think dos is selling the caps but I don't wanna order something if I don't need to)

Also, I did tighten the chain as it was pretty slack before, so could that be causing the pedaling resistance?


Re: Is my jury rig causing the issue?

Not sure about your fix or if that affects pedaling.

What oil are you using in the clutch bath?

Minarelli recommends ND20. It can be hard to find so many use ND30. Non Detergeant oil isn't supposed to foam up. The bubbles could be if you are not using the right oil.

Re: Is my jury rig causing the issue?

That's a breather cap, too. Shouldn't be plugged up. Spend the couple bucks and get a new one.

If you're chain is too tight, that'll cause a lot of drag. And prematurely wear the sprocket, chain, bearings, etc.

Re: Is my jury rig causing the issue?

I'm using ND30, but I think it's the chain tightness that's causing the resistance.

Re: Is my jury rig causing the issue?

Dirty30 Dillon /

Your oil fill is supposed to vent, if it doesn't it will push oil out and potentially blow your seals.

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