Peugeot 103 - clutch problems

Hi there,

I have a Peugeot TSA (103 Engine) and I'm completely baffled by a problem I'm having. The clutch is always engaged, meaning the moped won't idle and I can't push it freely. The rear wheel locks, so when you turn it the engine also turns over.

I have disassembled and reassembled several times according to Cheetachrome's wiki and no luck. In frustration, I ordered a brand new clutch from Treats

... and unfortunately the SAME thing is happening. All is good - the variator spins freely inside the bell - until I do the final tighten on the nut, and then I lose free spin and the variator will only spin along with the clutch bell - turning over the engine.

Has anybody had a similar issue? Any ideas?


Re: Peugeot 103 - clutch problems

Check to make sure the beveled washer isn't upside down, the raised side goes towards the engine

Re: Peugeot 103 - clutch problems

there is alotta stuff for a pug clutch to line up just to slide on. Something missing, outta order or flipped to be binding though, could be any one of the 10 pieces or so in there. Always give it a spin once u tighten down.

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I think your adjusting washer is too thick.

When I have this problem I always try a thinner washer. If you have like a 90 in there try one in the 70s

adlust washer 001.JPG

Re: Peugeot 103 - clutch problems

Another thing to check especially with the China aftermarket variators is the inner race and nylon washers that assemble with them.

When the races and nylon washers are assembled into the and sitting firm in their little notched pockets the ends of the races should be sitting proud or a little outside the flat of the washer like here.

If the edge of the race is sitting below the flat of the washer the crank nut will stack out on the flat of the washer and compress it into the hub of the variator causing resistance. Same with the other race on the other side, it stacks out on the steel beveled washer.

If your assembled race in hub of the variator looks like this on either end the crank nut and steel beveled washer could be compressing the nylon washers and causeing you to lose free play.

Re: Peugeot 103 - clutch problems


On my new clutch, there is only one bearing (not two like the stock one). I sanded down both washers. Tried it over and over until I got it just right and now I get perfect spin even when torquing the final nut down.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! What would I do without this forum.......

Re: Peugeot 103 - clutch problems

WOW, Great! i need to add these pics and descriptions on the tail end of one of the wiki clutch pages.

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