Bravo Starter Clutch

Hi all, looking for some advice, I cannot get the starter clutch on my Bravo to engage- it chatters but does not catch. New shoe assembly from Treats installed no difference. Is there a run out on these hubs as with a pressure plate or rotor? I’ve attached a couple pictures of the assembly. Thanks!


Re: Bravo Starter Clutch

if they move freely then try flipping them the opposite way, plus a tiny dab/smear of grease. I've done this a few times putting them in exactly the wrong way, again and again, so whats the right way? the way that works.

Re: Bravo Starter Clutch

take the Bravo to a long steep hill.

roll down the hill pedaling like mad

should spin fast enough to engage the starter shoes

Re: Bravo Starter Clutch

A lot of people tend to work on their moped alone and often get fooled by what is really going on with the clutch, belt, and front variator because they cant see a side view of the belt and variator because they are standing over and pedaling.

What your describing is the the chattering of the starter shoes working fine and what might be happening is the belt is slipping around the front variator it what I call "tiny loops" each time a loop goes around the front variator it throws little slack spans in the belt which transfer back to the rear making it chatter back and forth.

Try tightening your belt a little.

Your shoes ar installed correct. Do not ever put any grease on the shoe linkage or pivots. It will never help, is not needed and will eventually get on the run face of the bell.

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