help me find this leak


went out riding all day and noticed some transmission fluid coming through the fill bolt and maybe elsewhere, here are some pictures let me know what you think.



Re: help me find this leak

Probably Fred /

First you clean it perfecto, then you run it, stop it and see how it looks.

Seems to me that you need a fill screw gasket, probably clutch cover gasket and probably the drain bolt gasket,

If I were you I’d use 5-20w synthetic motor oil instead of junk F transmission fluid If you are using the stock clutch,

back then didn’t have such a thing it’s way better for your bearings and everything else

Re: help me find this leak

Looks like it's trying to tell you it wants to be cleaned .

Clean the motor and sprinkle talc or baby powder all over it to find the source of any leaks . Take it for a little ride . Leaks will show .

Then you can address them without guessing . (edited)

Re: help me find this leak

My guess based on the colors and the pattern is small exhaust leak combined with small clutch cover gasket leak at the bottom. But yeah use the above test to make sure.

Re: help me find this leak

if your 2 stroke oil is blue, then id worry about the gas leak first.

Re: help me find this leak

Dirty30 Dillon /


Re: help me find this leak

what pat said. but there's ALSO red atf leaking cuz theres no washer/gasket on the fill bolt

Re: help me find this leak

Yeah I think its splooging the blueish stuff from the base gasket but I'm not totally sure.

Re: help me find this leak

Base gasket leaking at the bottom for the blue oil, and tranny gasket leak for the red... but it could just need a new paper washer for your oil level check.

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