maxi won't run


Puch maxi with a 70cc Airsal kit, 15mm Bing Copy from Treats with an 82 jet, Tecno Circuit pipe.

It ran great last year, but now it won't start.

Cleaned the carb multiple times. Checked the spark plug and my spark is good. Fuel seems to be flowing to the spark plug because it's wet.

The compression doesn't seem off, but I don't have a gauge to really know. There was evidence of a head gasket leak so I tightened it down and the ped fired up for a second and I lost it. There wasn't any evidence of scoring in the cylinder. I haven't checked the rings yet.

There is a small atf oil leak, but I think it's just because the drain screw was overtightened. There may be an air leak where carb meets intake.

What else?

Re: maxi won't run

fix that head leak, lap it on somethin flat w 400 grit. timing n new seals, maybe base gasket.

Re: maxi won't run

Montius Mitchell /

How much you want for it

Re: maxi won't run

check ur exhaust is on tight. double check ur timing.

Re: maxi won't run

Rob Abbott /

Dumb question, but have you replaced the gas in the tank since you ran it last year?

Re: maxi won't run


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