1979 batavus wont start


just got a used moped.

wont start.

i peddle and they spin fine, but as soon as i squeeze the start lever- the peddles barely turn and sometimes there is like a cracking sound...

does anyone know whats wrong?


Re: 1979 batavus wont start

it worked fine at pick up, but in transport it was on its side.

did that do something?

Re: 1979 batavus wont start

Motor should spin over take out the spark plug see if it turns over freely if it’s still making cracking noises something else is wrong

Re: 1979 batavus wont start

check connections and fuel flow.

Re: 1979 batavus wont start

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Chain hung up

Re: 1979 batavus wont start

Or your starter mechanism maybe be slipping off the friction point. Too hard to say without seeing. What kind of Batavus?

Re: 1979 batavus wont start

Pushrod Fifty /

Did you drain the gas out of the tank and shut off the petcock before lying on its side? The crankcase could be filled with gas, causing hydrolocking. You will see gas spitting out of the plug hole when cranking if that's the case.

Re: 1979 batavus wont start

Michael Branscombe /

I'd check the oil level then pull plug and try to peddle and engage clutch to see what happens. Chunky sounds are bad, make sure the lube in there is correct. Maybe just drain it and start fresh.

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