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So, i had this little issue with my moped. It was getting too much air, so it wasn't idling well (i"m having a sport airfilter on so that's why). So i decided to put the old airbox back on. Now the idle was fine, but the top speed wasn't. i'm going to buy a SMALLER rear sprocket to have a little more top speed and an old airbox on. So now i'm wondering what's the NUMBER OF CHAIN LINKS on a Tomos Youngst'r A55 engine. (i'm changing the chain because it's stretched to the point i can't tighten it more).

Thank you

PS.: I'm from Slovenia (the country where Tomos mopeds were made), so I appologise for any mistakes in my whriting.

PPS.: I'm too lazy to count the chain links. (edited)

Re: Tomos upgrade

Peter Đukić /

And BTW, should I change the sprocket from 31 to 26, 24 or 22 tooth?

Re: Tomos upgrade

22 tooth. So you will still get your speed and low end torque.

Re: Tomos upgrade

theres is a performance section for tomos in the wiki. could you post a picture, sounds like a mini dirt moped.

as far as the chain length, just get a standard and lay them side by side old against new to cut the new down to size.

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