E50 Clutch Cover Arm Circlip

I'm going through one of my E50 clutch covers and noticed I'm missing the bottom circlip that holds the actuator arm. Here's a picture of what it looks like. I can't seem to find this type of circlip online...or know if it's called something else. Anyone have one of these or know where to find them? Yes, I've looked at Treats.


Re: E50 Clutch Cover Arm Circlip

Iv talk to the guys at treats a lot about this And it’s difficult to find a supplier. If I remember it’s a called a shoulder clip or something .

Anyways if you need one send me a pm! I charge you $5 bucks shipped. I think that’s fair since well they are impossible to replace lol (edited)

Re: E50 Clutch Cover Arm Circlip

That is called a C clip .

Ace hardware has a variety . Take one in for comparison . Less than a buck , for sure .

I would think that any decent hardware would stock them .

Re: E50 Clutch Cover Arm Circlip

Sweet - just looked up C-Clip and you sir are my hero. Thanks for the info!

Re: E50 Clutch Cover Arm Circlip

When I got mine, there was no top clip. I looked through the junk box, found a Horseshoe one, filed it down some, pressed it on, and slightly pinched the ends in. I wouldn't do that for an inside one though.

Re: E50 Clutch Cover Arm Circlip

Here is a Myron Moped reference if it helps you shop local.

Low-Clearance Side-Mount External Retaining Rings “C-clips”

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