Kinetic TFR Moped Color Code

Hey everyone!

Newbie to the board here and newbie to moped owning. I bought myself a Kinetic TFR last summer and with all this newly found free time and being forced to stay at home, I'm looking to fix her up a bit.

My TFR is red and it's got a few scuffs and knicks here and there. I'm looking to patch those up with some matching paint but can't seem to find the exact color code or any sort of red that is the right one.

Any thoughts, tips, tricks, ideas?



Re: Kinetic TFR Moped Color Code

Scuffs and scratches simply add character . Not to mention they are identifying marks that likely only you know .

Almost everything else can be duplicated . I mean , other than an exact match to your paint .

Seriously , some auto parts sores can get real close via blending . ;)

Re: Kinetic TFR Moped Color Code

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Oh the red one they er the faster ones...

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