Cub Oil strainer

While looking for the engine # to send to DrATV I was handling it and a part fell out it’s called the strainer oil and I cant figure out where I goes. Can the kickstart shaft be changed from the clutch side only or does the flywheel side need removed also? Thanks

Re: Cub Oil strainer

kickstart shaft is a split the cases deal. it's really the only weakpoint i can think of on the cubs, the dreaded broken kickstart shaft.

I will say though you can get by quite well without it, i pushstarted my cub for years without ever relying on the kickstart at all.

ANyhow, the oil strainer filter screen goes in the slot under the clutch on the bottom of the clutch side, i found a pic from the manual:

Re: Cub Oil strainer

Thanks WillD . Does it kind of snap underneath the cover, that’s where I put it but can’t really tell if it’s on right, would it be better to remove the clutch and install. Can the shaft be welded? I’m thinking your bump starting advice the better option, maybe even use a drill. It’s getting a little frustrating, I just put on new tires ,rebuilt carb ,had it running great and this happened. There’s a guy on Craig’s list with an 1983 Passport for sale,it looks great has title for $1400, might give him a call. Thanks

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