Sachs wheel bearings

Are aftermarket sealed wheel bearings available for Sachs Balboa rear wheel . My current ball bearings feel raspy and I’ve re placed the 7/32 inch balls. Moped Junkyard says the rear wheel should take 11 balls but there’s room for a couple more.The axle is 11 mm . Thanks

Re: Sachs wheel bearings

I definitely have replaced those. but i forget the sizing. you'll need to make a spacer in the middle too.

it's all neatly detailed here:

Just measure and adjust for your needs. I think I wound up converting to a 12mm axle but treats also sells conversions and shim sets etc to make it work when there's not an obvious fitting bearing.

Re: Sachs wheel bearings

Thanks again Will D I’ve done a little research and it looks like the bearings needed are 32x12mm with 11mm thread but I’ll measure the wheel to make sure the 32mm OD is correct . My Grandson and I just got the Balboa running and he is the happiest kid on the planet,he hit almost 30MPH yesterday . The rear wheel is a problem and the sealed bearings will make a big difference, it seems like tha wheel functioning perfect is of utmost importance.Were also going to take it to a bike shop and have the spikes adjusted , there way out of wack. Thanks

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