103 Polini Race Case Mounting??

Tim Sandberg /

Hey folks,

Anyone have a parts recommendation for fitting this case properly on to the engine mount bolt/area?

The manual that came with the polini peugeot 103 race case says to use "original central bush" for the engine mount area but I had the hardest damn time getting it into the black plastic bushings that came with it, and chipped the outer lip off of one of them while I was wailing on it with a mallet. Hoping to hell I didn't put too much duress on the case.

I finally got the bushing in and mounted the engine on the bike but, due to the outer lip being gone on one of the bushings, the variator sits just slightly off from the pulley, which Im told can throw the belt which sounds scary af.

So yeah I'm hoping to just find parts that fit better, I know a lot of people have run this case.

I found this post but totally unclear on what bushings he's talking about https://www.mopedarmy.com/forums/read.php?7,3914737,3944044,flat=1#msg-3944044


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