Garelli noi seal replacement

Hey folks. Got a hopefully quick question for ya.

I have a garelli noi that I need to replace the seal on the drive shaft behind the sprocket. My question is, can I remove the sprocket and get the seal out from there, or do I have to split the case to get that seal out? See image below for seal.


That nice smear of oil wasnt on there before I tried to get it running. The bike could start but not stay running at all. And felt very under powered. I was trying to tune it for about an hour before I noticed this.


Jay R.

Re: Garelli noi seal replacement

That all looks like chain spray . Not a seal leak .

Re: Garelli noi seal replacement

Jay Rivett /

You know. I was really hoping someone would say that.

I would rather not need to replace the seal. I think it is new anyway. The bike came from an old repair shop and had been repaired partially. I think they lost spark and had not figured it out, as that was my problem when I first got the bike.

Got spark but I also upgraded some parts. One of which is the pietcard cdi upgrade. I am just not great at getting the timing right on these. I'm grabbing a timing light and doing some research to see if I can get my brain to understand this type of timing. ::fart sound::

Thanks again!

Re: Garelli noi seal replacement

the crank seals would be a good idea to change out when u switch the ignition. its staring at you brlow the stator plate.

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