Suzuki PEI - CDI FA50

Jack Rutherford /

I have an fa50 engine that I want to bench test. I don't have Suzuki's PEI unit. So I hooked up a qt50 cdi. The fa50 has a yellow lighting wire coming out of the stator; a black and white ground wire which I assume goes to the kill switch; a red wire to go to the rectifier; and then 2 red and black wires which go to the CDI.

I can get power from the lighting wire and red wire leading to rectifier when I spin the engine with a drill. I can't get spark with the qt50 CDI. I've tried several combinations. I assume that I should not ground the black/white wire coming from the stator. I have grounded the CDI.

Has anyone had any luck with any other CDI on the fa50 and can share wiring info? Ebay wants $$$ for a PEI unit.

Re: Suzuki PEI - CDI FA50

Maybe this attachment will help .

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