Motobecane rear axle shaft

Hello looking for a little knowledge.

This is something that I tried to find an answer for but came up empty handed. I changed the bearings on the rear wheel of my rim and I don't know if this is normal or not. The axle is slightly loose in the bearings. The axle will turn freely in the bearing without turning the actual bearing. Both the old and new bearing do this. I would think that it should be a tight fit.

Re: Motobecane rear axle shaft

Pushrod Fifty /

It is a slip fit.

Re: Motobecane rear axle shaft

Justin Petraitis /

I know the rear axle came in either 11mm or 10mm based on what type of bearing it has. 10mm was sealed bearing, 11mm was loose bearing.

If you changed from loose to sealed bearings, the axle would be too big to fit, so that's not the problem. Are you sure you're using a motobecane shaft, as opposed to some axle from another bike?

Re: Motobecane rear axle shaft

The the smooth part of the axle is 9.97 mm I'm pretty sure it's original to the bike although it may have been changed


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