'77 Puch Maxi 1.5

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Recommendations on steps to take to get it running again. Don't want to spend money until I know I can get the engine running. It was running when I stopped using it 33 years ago, but put it away wet and never touched it.

- tried to start just to see what I am dealing with and extremely difficult to get a crank. what should I do before doing this?

- looks like i need to replace the petcock as there is gunk in tank - vinegar in now and will go to evaporust/acid once i know it'll turn over

- carb looks good and was not connected to fuel line while stored

- not sure why there is lots of grease near carb, front of engine, where the covers come together. gasket? it used to run fine. i guess i was that much of an idiot in those days, but don't remember ever seeing smoke coming out of the engine or anything like that.


puch maxi before.jpg

Re: '77 Puch Maxi 1.5

I would just get down and dirty with it. Remove the carb and the pipe, make sure they are both clear... drain what fluid might be in the engine and replace it with some fresh 0w engine oil. Get yourself a new spark plug as well. Once your tank is cleaned up you should be good to go.

Re: '77 Puch Maxi 1.5

Glad you posted a pic. NOW I know why the speedo doesn't work on the Puch I got in March, and the cable was broken! The previous owner obviously flipped the drive upside down.

Re: '77 Puch Maxi 1.5

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Just do as Mustie1 would do. ;-) Clean the points, check for spark, clean the carb, put som gas in the carb and then crank it. It will run. :-)

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