Hobbit still won't spark someone please help!

Ok guy's I posted a while back about a hobbit that I have which I just can't get to spark for some reason.

Information is as follows.

1978 PA50. All done up with a 70cc kit, intake, exhaust all the goodies.

Still has the points ignition in it.

Last time the ped ran as I was riding it and all the sudden it quit on me. At the time I was running it around low on gas because I was getting ready to put it away for the winter so I just assumed that it had run out of gas. Fast forward to me pulling it out of the shed this spring and turns out the thing has no spark.

I have done everything I can to diagnose this issue with absolutely no luck.

Components tested are as follows.

HT coil has been tested and passed the test as good. (I have also swapped out for another coil that has been tested and is good just to be safe and that hasn't helped.

Condenser has been replaced on both the first and second coils.

All wires have been tested/inspected for breaks and I have found none.

Rectifier has been tested and confirmed to be good.

Points have been replaced and correctly gapped.

I have tested the stator that was in the bike when it ran last and it passed the resistance test for the ignition coil. I have also replaced the stator with one that was confirmed to have come out of a running bike before I acquired it (resistance was also tested on this stator and it passed as well).

I have also bypassed all wiring and wired ignition wire from the stator directly to the HT coil and that has done nothing.

It seems as though I have traced the issue back to no output coming from the Ignition coil on the stator but I am not sure how this could be possible since this specific stator in the moped right now has passed the resistance test and was confirmed to have come out of a running bike before I got it.

If anyone could please help me figure this out it would be greatly appreciated I and everyone else I know that is mechanically inclined are 100% stumped.

Re: Hobbit still won't spark someone please help!

make sure one side of the coil is grounded.

Re: Hobbit still won't spark someone please help!


Try this. Remove the spark plug. Disconnect all the wires from the stator to the rest of the bike. Take the black wire from the stator coil and hook one end to a VOM (volt ohm meter) and the other end to any metal part on the motor. Use an electric drill and spin the crank shaft. You should get a 6 volt reading on the meter. If not then look into slot on magneto coil and gently turn the coil with your hand and see if the points are opening and closing. Then report back.

Re: Hobbit still won't spark someone please help!


Another thing to try is when you have the VOM setup between the black stator wire and the motor ground is to run a continuity test. This is to ensure that there are no breaks in the line of this circuit. Good luck and let’s figure this out. Jack

Re: Hobbit still won't spark someone please help!

Hey Jack thank you for your help!

When I was checking to see if the points were opening and closing I ended up noticing that the wire that connects to the points was not making good contact with the actual pickup that goes to the points themselves. I moved that wire and gave it a shot and she’s got spark!

Re: Hobbit still won't spark someone please help!


Glad you resolved the problem. Jack

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