Moped doesn’t start but the bougie sparks

Hello I recently bought a vespa piaggio bravo. First i went to chek if it started and it did. However a day later it did not but i still bought it. I already checked the carburatuer and it sparks what could go wrong in the short time of one day without driving it?


Re: Moped doesn’t start but the bougie sparks

Could just be a fouled plug. But first, try to start the bike. After a couple failed attempts. Pull out the plug. Is it wet? If not then there is a fuel flow issue. Replace the plug with a new one. What ever your preferred brand of spark plug, but NGK b6hs, I preferr the hotter b7hs, is the reference. I have good luck with champion plugs as well but cheap plugs are just that.

I hope that was all it is and you can get running again soon!

Re: Moped doesn’t start but the bougie sparks

Dan the mope Conway /

I agree about checking to see if the plug is wet. However an NGK b6hs is a “hotter” plug than the b7hs the lower the Ngk number the hotter it is. (difference in electrode length)

If the plug doesn’t have any fuel on it (and if you don’t see a GOOD strong blue spark) it’s a good idea to check the carb.

Sometimes when I get a new moped I will clean and check the carb even if it starts just because it’s a simple task and carbs are very finicky. Sometimes sediment in the tank gathers at the bottom of the bowl if sitting for a long time for example. This can cause intermittent starting/ erratic running.

You’ll have to clean your carb at some point like the rest of us anyways.

Cheers and good luck

Re: Moped doesn’t start but the bougie sparks

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