Tomos Chirp

So working on this a3 I’ve got a problem/question. It’s an a3 with the treats 45mm kit, malossi 4 petal block and vm20 with mlm intake. Got it to pop a little bit the other day with the stock 180 jet and 22 idle. Put in the 17.5 idle and a 160 and it’s just kind of sputtering and really only under full throttle. A chirp can be heard coming back through the carb so the reeds were checked, nothing found broken or loose. Kinda stumped here as it hasn’t even ran long enough to start the break in process

Re: Tomos Chirp

Check your head gasket, re surface top of cylinder and your head on a piece of glass/granite with 220 sandpaper to make sure they are nice and flat.

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