Temporary exhaust header fix

Recently bought this scooter. Its a VIP 150cc. While driving across an intersection the weld on the muffler mount broke. All the wait of the muffler was on the header pipe i assume which made a clean break at the flange just seconds later. The pipe and muffler were immediately ran over by several cars. Got picked up and brought to house. Ended up buying an exhaust pipe and muffler used pretty cheap. The Pipe lined up at the flange but the bends were wrong. Ended up being a pipe for a 50cc. I heated the pipe and bent it to fit. Not pretty but it fits. Muffler mounted fairly easily after that. I ended up buying an exhaust system that actually fits from an online dealer. Should be here in a few days. In the mean time im wondering if my jerry rigged pipe will be ok till i get the new one. I can feel air coming from where the flange is bolted on the motor but most is coming from the muffler. I ran it down the drive way twice. Seems ok with a little extra power and rpms are slightly more at idle. Any advice? Need this guy for transportation over the weekend so i have my fingers crossed for slightly good news. Just tell me itll be fine 😩


Re: Temporary exhaust header fix

This is a vintage 2 stroke pedal assisted moped forum. You have a 4 stroke scooter. You’d be better served going to a Chinese scooter forum.

Re: Temporary exhaust header fix

What he^ said .

To add , I think if you can better seal the joint between the pipe flange and the head , you should be able to run the current set up without damage .

If you have no other gasket to accomplish that^ , try forming one from heavy or multi layered aluminum foil . Might get you by . Good luck .

Re: Temporary exhaust header fix

Pushrod Fifty /

American made tin foil gasket, better than the stock one!

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