Tomos targa was run over


So last fall someone ran over my beautiful 2005 tomos targa lx, shattering it’s headlight, rear turning signals and bending the forks. In addition to that, someone destroyed the throttle on my girlfriends matching tomos while trying to steal the mirror.

Now finally I have saved up and want to fix all this and finally ride again! I need, forks, throttle unit, accelerator cable, rear turning signals, headlight.

So my questions are:

- Does it matter if I buy used forks from an A35 or does it have to be off an A55 model?

- does anyone here have all those parts?


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Re: Tomos targa was run over

I can help you with the headlight and housing, plus the original turn signals. I'll send you a PM.

IMG_2193 - turn signals.jpg

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Looks to me like the forks arent bent, just twisted. Pretty common when bike tip over.

Stand in front of the bike and hold the wheel with your knees while you straighten the bars. I'll bet that fixes your problem. You can also butt the wheel up against a tree or post while you straighten the bars if you cant get a good grip on it the other way.

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^yeah to this, just lossen some bolts a little and whack against anything sturdy, retighten.

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If you look at the top of the bars, you can see they definitely don’t fall straight down. I’m pretty sure they’re toast


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Once again, loosen all the mounts, straighten everything up, tighten everything back down. I don't see any bent parts there. Just tweaked clamps.

Or you can go buy a bunch of parts you might not need... but I guess it's not my money.

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Any Tomos fork will fit, the A55 beefy silver ones are a super nice swap. Those stock a35 ones are pretty flimsy.

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Ask around and see if anyone has a dash cam in their vehicle that may have caught the cowardly suspect that did this.

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Dan (high idle) Conway /

The forks don’t look too bad. Put em in between your legs and straighten them out easy fix. No need for new forks from what i’m seeing. (Yay)

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just do it.

Re: Tomos targa was run over

Tomos are never straight

Re: Tomos targa was run over

> Daniel '' Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Tomos are never straight

Maybe this one is now that its been ran over. J.s.

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