Flat and Cracked Tire

Hi! First-time poster. Trying to repair a flat on a 1979 Malaguti Commuter 2. The rear tire is flat and cracked. I've order a new tube, but wondering if I can get by with a cracked tire of I I need to order a new tire as well. Appreciate the advice.

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Re: Flat and Cracked Tire

I’ve ridden for years on cracked tires they are kind of a gamble tho if you have the means grab new ones they grip much better also gives you time to clean and re grease the wheel bearings while you’re in there (edited)

Re: Flat and Cracked Tire

Brandon Weiss (Detective brandon to you) /

It's never really a good idea. You could get away with it for awhile if need be, but I would order new tires. A tire/tube/rim strip bundle on treats is $50-$60, a worthy investment.


Re: Flat and Cracked Tire

Cracked tires are an accident waiting to happen. Once they get good and hot, they will eventually blow out. You wouldn’t put your son in a car with dry rotted tires, so why would you risk putting him on a moped with dry rotted tires? (edited)

Re: Flat and Cracked Tire

Dont run a cracked tire, it will blow out with no warning

Re: Flat and Cracked Tire

Burt Munro just put shoe polish on his cracked tires.

I’ll admit that I popped a few inner tubes in the process of learning how to fight tires onto rims. Moped tires are more compliant than motorcycle tires. Still, it can be difficult. If you don’t have tire spoons, that might be something nice to have on hand as well. A lot of people can get moped tires on by hand. Just something to think about.

It would suck to do the work and see those nasty old tires still on there. It’s a personal choice, but I agree with anyone that says buy new tires. Cracked old tires are hard and don’t grip well. If this moped is intended to go fast on paved surfaces, then they aren’t safe. If your kid is going slow in the backyard, then... meh?

Re: Flat and Cracked Tire

Justabunchoftrash 646260 /

I have a Pa50 with a back tire that is missing sidewall lol

Re: Flat and Cracked Tire

Richard Eberline /

Notes, DOT has put a law in the books on a age limit for all tires. In the hotter months all those campers/boat trailers that are on the side of the road for a reason!!! Change the tires for the riders safety.

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