Manet Korado idle and start issue

Hi everyone,

After last ride in winter my Korado (Puch super maxi engine) stalls. Only starts then with open throttle and cant idle without throttle. So I changed spark plug, cleaned carb, but without improve. Korado starts only after many tries with throttle open and before it back fire into exhaust. After start I must keep throttle. Enough warm up atleast half hour ride can little bit help hold relatively high idle but performance in low and mid RPM is very poor. High rpm is pretty good with nice maximum speed. I am desperade with this issue. Thinking about buying new ignition coil, because bad condenser will probably negatively affect after warm up. Thanks for answers and help (edited)

Re: Manet Korado idle and start issue

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Its an older puch stator the ht safety circuit might be shot like a horn bypass thing but the resistor went in the block or in the tail. If the thing starts with the front brake engaged its the safety circuit or the ht ground or your killswitch having a arc. Run in dark no lights and look 4 it.

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