Suzuki FA50 front brake arm adjusting

Hi everyone. Doing some work on my 82 FA50 that's long overdue, the brakes are super worn so I decided to replace front and rear with some new shoes. When trying to adjust the front brake control arm, I loosened the bolt and now the arm moves freely, with one issue--I can't seem to get it to slide into those grooves, no matter how hard I try. Used WD40 to try and get it to slide back in, tightened it back down with the same bolt/nut combo that held it in place, with no luck. It's super frustrating not being able to figure out a stupid brake adjuster after redoing the piston/cylinder, lights, etc. haha. Any advice here?

Re: Suzuki FA50 front brake arm adjusting

Remove the bolt and spread the clevis on the arm , slightly .

Once the arm is back on the cam , insert the bolt .

If that doesn't do it , check that the teeth in the clevis are not 'rolled' to the point of closing the valleys . A jewelers file can correct that . ;)

Re: Suzuki FA50 front brake arm adjusting

Take the adjusting nut off the end of the cable at the wheel hub. That will remove any tension. Feed the cable as needed at the controller then reinstall the adjusting nut. See attached.

Suzuki fa50 brake.PNG

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