1980 Suzuki FZ50 Blown Headlight

I’m pretty new to moped rebuilds and I talked my grandfather into giving me his old FZ that has been sitting in his garage since 1983. I used to ride this thing as a kid and I wanted to rebuild it for my son to use one day.

It has no problems running, starts second kick cold and is fun as hell to ride. I cannot for the life of me figure out why my headlights keep blowing. I bought a new battery for it two years ago, just replaced the rectifier, CDI and put in a new spark plug. I’m thinking it could be a bad connection somewhere but before i take it apart, is there anything else that causes blown headlights on FZs?

Re: 1980 Suzuki FZ50 Blown Headlight

Mason Campbell /

Are you running the right volt bulb?

Re: 1980 Suzuki FZ50 Blown Headlight

I’m running the original OEM bulb. It’s stays on for about a minute and the filament fries.

Re: 1980 Suzuki FZ50 Blown Headlight

The battery needed charging and the wire connections were all cleaned. Maybe it could be a faulty wire?

Re: 1980 Suzuki FZ50 Blown Headlight

Turns out there was an oil leak from the oil container and it leaked on three spliced wires. Cleaned them, turned my idle speed down and now everything works great!

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