Garelli NOI clutch swap

So I have 78 Rally sport. This bike hasn't gone more than around the block in 10 years. and even 10 years ago it never held idle. I just redid a bunch of gaskets yesterday and can get it to start with some serious encouragement but dies when I take it off the stand or come to a stop.

OK swollen clutch. Easy enough I did this last year to my SSXL and it fixed everything. Luckily I have a parts bike laying around and it has a spare rubber clutch that SEEMS to be in good shape.

When I took it off and compared the two (see pictures below) you see that my parts bike has the black rubber fittings still intact and the rally sport(yellow) looks to have deteriorated.

I take it I need to transfer these little black fittings as well? what are they for? I don't remember realizing this when I did this on my other bike last year..

Side note - when I emptied the oil out of the rally sport it seemed really thin and kinda gray..I am assuming the wrong oil as I had no clue that would make a difference when I was 16.

Also, Should i still be able to spin that medal housing by hand if the clutch is swollen? it seemed to stick at first then was spinning freely and make me question if the clutch was actually swollen.



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Those black rubber things will most likely fall apart if you try to remove them. You will need to cut fuel line the same size as the original ones on your spare motor and use them in place of the originals.

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Those bushings break apart, melt and then stick to the back of the clutch hub, get between the hub and the clutch housing, and also clog the crankshaft lubricating hole in the gear.

Those melted sticky bushings on the back of the hub will cause drag, and getting no oil between the gear and crankshaft will also cause drag...leading to no idle.

Size is OD 11 mm, ID 7 mm, length 7 mm.

You can get the correct bushing from Treatland. You need 6.

There is a spline washer behind the hub...note which way it is facing. Normally, the flat side should face in.

You should be able to spin the clutch/hub inside the housing will no drag.

The clutch housing should turn independently of the clutch hub and the crankshaft.

Axial play should be minimal, but have zero drag. If there is excessive play, you can turn the spline washer around.

You need 13.5 oz of non-detergent oil

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In Ca you cant buy non detergent motor oil. I don't know about your area. I used to run this Huskey non detergent compressor oil 30wt.

Available at the Home Despot.

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Re: Garelli NOI clutch swap

you fibbed cheetah, napa carries it or will get it in a coupla hours.

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Aaron Turek /

Thanks for that guys.

Surprisingly enough, those little black things came off easily and intact.. Which totally surprised me. I was positive they would crumble, hence why I asked in the first place. After swapping everything, I got it to start and idle.. which after about 30 seconds it started to act like it getting wonky fuel supply with surges of power. Back to the Carb!

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Aubrey Drover /

I'm trying to contact Brian Solex to order some parts for my 1974


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I've received and answered two of your e-mails, Aubrey. Check your Spam folder.

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