break pads making contact with the rotor

i have a gilera runner 50 and i was replacing my rear break pads a few months ago and i think someone pulled the rear break lever when the pads were out. i noticed now that the pads are making contact with the rotor but the bike rides fine except when i let off the throttle, it decelerates a bit. my friend helped me changed the pads. its a fairly easy job to do but i wanna know what to do to bring the pads to their original place, not rubbing against the rotor.

Re: break pads making contact with the rotor

couple things. if the arm on the brake hub was taken off and reset, you gotta undo that. it's just removing the little arm. sometimes this can be done, some bikes not - dunno for your case. but its something people do to extend the usable life of brake pads, it's not a good idea but could be the problem

2nd (or rather this shouldave been first) is can you just loosen the cable?

beyond that sometimes new brakes can rub slightly when new, especailly cuz theres probably some buildup in the drum and stuff.

and you can also have issues if it can get crooked, so if you dont have all the right spacers and washers you gotta be pretty dilligent restting it up with watever you do have to make sure it doesnt pinch up crooked

Re: break pads making contact with the rotor

This is a disk rear brake right? And shaft drive? It's normal for the pads to lightly contact the disc and the shaft drive's gear's friction will make it just seem like it's dragging. If you feel that it's more than just light contact, actually dragging badly, you might want to remove and then completely dismantle that rear caliper and scrupulously clean everything (soap and water with a toothbrush). Reassemble installing the caliper seal(s) using silicone grease or brake fluid.

Re: break pads making contact with the rotor

While cleaning ... there is a very small hole in the bottom of the brake fluid reservoir , close to the hose side . Usually hard to see . Sometimes that hole can become plugged and the result is dragging brakes . A fine wire , like one from a wire brush , might be used to open that hole .

Re: break pads making contact with the rotor

it's not dragging bad, but i can feel the tension. i can feel it when i let off the trottle as well. i will take some pictures in a bit so you can have a better look at it.

Re: break pads making contact with the rotor

yes it is a disk brake not a drum brake

Re: break pads making contact with the rotor

here are some pics of my brakes. i think i need to disassemble the pad from the caliper but leave the pad on the piston side on, and then take something to push the piston gently in place, give it a couple of pumps. i think it should be fine


Re: break pads making contact with the rotor

Pull the caliper .

Ease the piston in a little and be sure to clean and lube the caliper pins .

They need to be able to slide in order to self adjust as the pads wear .

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