electric problems


last year I bought a 1980 GARELLI SPORT 40 SUPER here in Germany. My GARELLI has problems with the electric systems.

- No lightning at the spark.

- No inductive encoder on the ignition cable (see red arrow in the attached wire plan).

- Does someone offer such an inductive encoder?

- Witch cables belongs to witch connecting socket?

- For witch functions the switch is for?

- Is the wiring plan the right one for the model?

Sorry for my bad English.

Thank you for your help!

Best Regards



Re: electric problems

The switch is for the lights. The induction coupler is usually just a coil of wire wrapped around the spark plugs wire, it's only purpose is a signal for the tachometer.

You need to clean the points with Emory paper, check all connections and grounds as well. Of you still don't have spark you may need a new condenser.

I have no idea if that is the correct schmatic.

That is a VERY cool bike.

Re: electric problems

looks like a very nice garelli.

ground blue wire off stator, disable kill switch and try for "lightening"!

Re: electric problems

Not the correct switch for the wire diagram you have shown.

56 should be headlight, 54 should be tail light, B(30 or 51) should be battery

Missing terminal on the switch so pressing a button will make a connection to the frame to sound the horn

Missing a terminal on the switch so pressing a button will make a connection to the frame to kill the engine ignition

Get the correct switch and connect at the DIN coded terminals

Gelb - yellow should be connected to B (or30 or 51)

Braun - brown should go to headlight 56, (taillight is branched off the terminal for headlight or can be 54 on the switch)

Blau - blue should be for ground to sound horn 71

Schwarz - black should be ground to kill engine 1

Re: electric problems

Knuth Fischer /


thanks for your infos!

@ rebelmoby: do you know, how I have to change the electric plan so I can use the existing switch.

Or do you know how the part number of the right switch is?

The pre owner assured me credibly that the garelli runs. I bought the bike by telephone and got it by bike carrier.

Very nice to see that there is a well known scene in USA about European Mopeds/Mokicks/Kleinkrafträdern.

Best regards from Germany


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