SHA12-12 Question

Finally getting around to my Hero Majestic Panther and of course the carb is all plugged up. I would at least give the original carb a real good cleaning before I just replace it. Next to the idle adjustment screw there appears to be a pilot jet going in at a 45 degree angle into the carb body. I have it out for cleaning and I'm wondering if the END of the jet should be open to the two holes opposite each other??. I've been poking and poking but either it's plugged solid or isn't supposed to be open. The two holes on the side that are opposite each other are not plugged. Thanks in advance for any answers.

Re: SHA12-12 Question

pic? I'm not able to envision which part you mean. there are sometimes jets which pass out the sides, most pass through fully

Re: SHA12-12 Question

Yes , pics please .

Re: SHA12-12 Question

Bob Naske /

Here's some pics


Re: SHA12-12 Question

Looks to me like there's a hole in the tip of that 'jet' .

I believe it should be clear .

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