Wonky handle bars?

So yesterday, I fired up the mopeds and took them for a spin. All running good. But, on Bravo 2 , I notice the handle bars are not lined up perfect with the front wheel. I'm having a hard time trying to get a good pic to post of it. It's not real bad .but I know it's not right. I need to figure out what it is . Any ideas ? I'm gonna try for a better angle.

Re: Wonky handle bars?

first is it forks? or bars? or wheel. you should be able to determine which is the offender. bars esily get bent from dropping, forks can be twisted from crashes or just from having the fender removed as that acts as a stabilizer, and a wheel can be in crooked too depending on how completely it's in the dropouts for example.

is it only when riding? perhaps alighnment is off with the rear necessitating a non staightforward front wheel being required when rollin

Re: Wonky handle bars?

proceed to nearest solid object, tree trunk, corner wall, garage door jam, bench leg, etc. and go to town.

Re: Wonky handle bars?

Checked out from rim and tire Aok, forks are true, so I took Pats cue. I locked the wheel with my knees, gave it just a slow twist, and back to normal. I don't know what I did or what is was. But the only way to get a really good pic was straddle the Vespa with a ladder and get a good shot from above. But I'm gonna keep my eye on it! (edited)

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