Jawa 1994 (?) Air Intake Tube / Brake Repair

Conor Stratton /

Hi there!

I’m very new to mopeds and am learning what I can. I just bought a Jawa 210 that I believe is a 1994 (according to the seller) and have a couple questions.

1.) currently there’s essentially a cloth looking cover over the air intake, it looks like if normal there would have been a tube concerting that up to another connection. Is this current situation (cloth cover) typical / safe?

2. My brakes are not great, the squeal and rub and aren’t very sensitive, I’m wondering about how to open them up / whether there are pads inside these drums or not.


Re: Jawa 1994 (?) Air Intake Tube / Brake Repair

Ok for your brake question. Yes there are brake shoes inside. Brake shoes are shaped differently than brake pads.

The rag thing is probably safe but probably looks ugly. When you remove the tube you the bike will run lean (more air in the fuel mix than normal). To counter that you need to upjet or use a good air filter/ air box. I have an extra intake tube that i never used. If you want to buy it let me know. I upgraded to a delorto carburetor and i didnt need the tube after the upgrade.

Re: Jawa 1994 (?) Air Intake Tube / Brake Repair

Beach Club Nick /

The pantyhose on your intake is fine, the bike isn't running lean. You could get away with using a piece of radiator hose if you really want. As for the brakes, you need to replace your brake shoes for sure. Gotta do some grinding but these kick ass


Re: Jawa 1994 (?) Air Intake Tube / Brake Repair

This is a good site for manuals and general information. http://www.jawamoped.com/html/manuals.html

Search MA for information on tuning, fitting Dellorto jets in the Jikiv carb, converting to the Dellorto SHA and other repair information.

Brakes? You might want to open both wheels up and look inside, clean, adjust and replace as needed.

Re: Jawa 1994 (?) Air Intake Tube / Brake Repair

Conor Stratton /

One more thing,

When I initially accelerate from stopped it really struggles to pick up or seem to struggle to catch on the. Sometimes I’m talking like full throttle for 10 seconds before it shifts and accelerated properly.

Any thoughts on what could be causing this / what to look at? If I need to replace / upgrade something I’m open to that as well, just trying to figure out what the source is.

Re: Jawa 1994 (?) Air Intake Tube / Brake Repair

get a tube and install that

you are running lean without the tube

that may be the cause of your acceleration problem

pop the wheels off and clean out the brake drums too

a running Jawa is a good 1st bike

not the fastest but should be reliable for your needs

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