Dies with throttle.

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I have somewhat a weird issue with my TMS Motard 5 which uses a Minarelli AM6 engine. I cannot make it idle without using the choke, and even then it will only run for like 5 seconds before it dies. If I were to use the thottle it would die immedietly. My problem does get a little weirder though, I can start it and have it idle if I tilt it to the right. And then I can start it back up again if it is already warm.

I have been told to clean my carb which I did today, but without success. I am not very experienced in this field and I hope some of you have the knowledge needed!

Re: Dies with throttle.

I suggest to look for a scooter or small motorcycle page. North Americans consider only 2 stroke pedal start bikes as mopeds.

Nice bike though

Re: Dies with throttle.

Jack Rutherford /

Not getting enough gas due to dirty carb or otherwise.

Re: Dies with throttle.

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Adjust the float level run a big dia hose.

Re: Dies with throttle.

Collin Marshall /

Adjust the float level there's a little tab you can bend to change how the float sits. You want it to pretty well rest parallel with the bowl.

You can also remove the pilot jet and blow some compressed air through it. Even a tiny obstruction in your pilot can cause this.

PSA: Hold onto it when you shoot the air through it. I've sent many jets flying accross my garage. GG

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