Puch CDI HPI mini rotor no spark

Looking for help. I have had horrible luck with CDI.

Recently, the tail light coil failed on my points. I went for a leap of faith and purchased a Puch HPI CDI mini rotor this week.

I have been working on getting it set up but I can not get a spark. Using a multimeters and drill, the yellow from the stator is getting 1.7 volts, the blue is getting 1.5 V, the white is getting 2.0 V, and the black is getting 0 V.

The CDI has 0.13 V from the orange, 0.012 V from the black/white, and 0 V to the black. Is the coil bad? 0 V at the spark plug

Re: Puch CDI HPI mini rotor no spark

Can someone see the voltage their cdi is putting out?

Re: Puch CDI HPI mini rotor no spark

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