Puch Maxi starting clutch


1978 Puch Maxi. 70cc Tccd kit. Spins freely at flywheel. Starting clutch slips.

Original owner had that cover off, there was no ATF in it when I got it. Think they put the rod in incorrectly?

Re: Puch Maxi starting clutch

The starter cable goes to a lever on the side, that goes into the top of the clutch cover. this pulls which turns a D-shaped piece, and that D twists, putting pressure on the starter plate. when pressed in the starter plate grips on a ring of friction material on the outer surface of the clutch. If it was run without fluid that starter plate or pad material may be overheated and glazed or even worn away. if it's glazed, you can try removing both and buffing it with sandpaper to renew the friction. It may be instead that the top cable part on the D was reinstalled wrong, it's a set of little spined teeth and you want it positioned so pulling the cable correctly presses the plate in. this is best understood looking at it directly. it's also possible the cable or handlebar lever is stretched or worn out

Re: Puch Maxi starting clutch

Kurt Van Luven /

opened it up. The pin for thrust washer was put in incorrectly, The shaft was misaligned and missing top circlip, and the cable was crap. Got it working and adjusted, I hate how early it grabs, RPM wise, I'll deal with that later.

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