1977 A3 Tomos fuel start issue

So update on my 1977 Tomos A3 guys! I have upgraded my stator/ flywheel and eliminated the points system which solved my spark issues. The first kicked started the moped right up!

The moped idled for about 15 seconds and then died shortly after giving it some throttle. I attempted to start it again and nothing. The pedals were now harder to turn and attempting to start made a internal clunking noise. Ik thinking maybe a clutch or something with gears? Anyway that ultimately went away after several attempts to start.

Pulled the spark plug and it was extremely damp with an oil gas liquid.

I have an the original Encarwi carburetor on it. I pulled the carberatur and cleaned it. I noticed some gunk inside which I cleaned out using the A3 cleaning guide on here. I noticed the jet tip had some damage on the end from a flathead.

I reinstalled the carb and still unable to get a spark. Spark plug is still getting moist with oil/gas mixture. I am also getting multiple backfires when its attempting to start.

I'm thinking of getting a new dellorto SHA 15.15 carburetor with lever choke - 1.5 shim for tomos because my issue is too much fuel delivery.

What do you guys think may be the issue with the start and the hard turning of the kick start pedals making the clunking sound?

Re: 1977 A3 Tomos fuel start issue

♣Slew Foot♣ /

If the gears were starting issue it wouldn't turn over. Timing might be off. It sounds like either electrical or your reeds might be a ring or seal.

Re: 1977 A3 Tomos fuel start issue

Ok, that's good to hear about the gears. I think your right about the timing, I will readjust that, check deals, and give an update. Thanks!

Re: 1977 A3 Tomos fuel start issue

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Harder to kickover it may be stuck in second or the rung might have went. Roll backwards to get into first.

Re: 1977 A3 Tomos fuel start issue

After working on it yesterday, it turned out to be my timing. I adjusted it slightly and it runs like a champ. The clunking noise is the clutch, which goes away with a little throttle. I hear this is normal noise from this clutch type.

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