Bing carb interchangeable?

Hey, so very new to mopeds but loving it!!

Bought a puch maxi last week. when I went to look at it couple weeks ago I made a list of all that I’d need and in my excitement I ordered a new carb so that when bike was here I could start putting bits on. But......... ordered a 12mm carb and when I got the bike it’s a 14mm carb (half a carb, missing top parts like throttle assembly and spring etc) also has a 14mm intake.

Question is can I use the top half of the 12mm carb I’m getting on the bottom half of the 14mm?

Is it only the inlet and outlet diameters that change between carbs or do the choke slides etc also change?

Have never had an experience where so much advice is available and people are so keen to help when you get into something.


Re: Bing carb interchangeable?

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