Should I replace my cylinder studs

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So I have rebuilt the engine on my Puch Newport. The other day I was just cleaning up some of the loose wires and making sure everything had kinda "settled into place." I found though that one of my cylinder stud screws on the bottom right doesn't seem to either hold tightness or it never fully tightens. I am just wondering if I should replace the cylinder head studs and nuts, but I have also heard that nothing I will be able to get will be able to match the quality and strength of the original studs. Any thoughts, I am just worried that it could potentially mess something up in the long run.

Re: Should I replace my cylinder studs

You need to figure out if the stud is stripped or the case is stripped. If the case is stripped, a replacement stud won’t make a difference.

Re: Should I replace my cylinder studs

A new "inferior" stud will always be better than a stripped stud.

Re: Should I replace my cylinder studs

tightness/torque is around 8-10 ft lbs.

take a look at where the threads r comprimised.

make sure it just not your nut stripped, try a new nut

sometimes its the threads close to the head but the threads higher up r good, use a couple of washers to space up the nut.

u can always buy an og cylinder studs.

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