Throttle assembly

Ok I'm having some issues with the kinetic throttle assembly. I bought a new kinetic throttle cable and Kinetic has 2 90s one threaded and little knarp side has a furrel end to insert in thru kill switch but the end for my 19 mm carb needs the small Knarp. I was reading some cables wont work with this carb as well. Due to the length will not let the carb open fully.

So should I just buy a new throttle assembly and make a kill switch or is there a cable I can buy that's the correct length that will work with the switch

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Re: Throttle assembly

Just measure the distance between your carb and throttle assembly and write it down. And bring your old /original cable into a motorcycle shop and a guy from the repair shop can get together with you and mock up what you need. Or take the bike to a scooter repair shop. Best advice i have.

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u can upen up the notches in your throttle grip for more throw. (edited)

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a guy from the repair shop can get together with you and mock up what you need.

These people died 20 years ago. They don't exist anymore. They have been replaced with people that can only think with a keyboard. If it can't be seen on a screen it can't be done.

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Dirty30 Dillon /

There is no bolt-on 19mm carb for your motor, so if you've got the dexterity to put together a Malossi/Polin/Pinasco assembly, you can standard throttle cable and knarp it io length for your needs.

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I thought i gave you an idea what to do. But i couldn't find where i posted trying to help you. Oh well. Hey a motorcycle shop can help you.

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