Headlight replacement glass [Puch Maxi]

Do you know if I can buy a replacement front glass for my puch maxi headlight? I bought the moped like this, and I would like to keep the old headlight with its rustic and grungy feel. I can't seem to find it online anywhere...


Re: Headlight replacement glass [Puch Maxi]

Those units are a sealed beam, pop it out and grab a new one from oreily

Re: Headlight replacement glass [Puch Maxi]

I have used the lense and reflector from cheapo china motorcycle spotlights... like this one...


Re: Headlight replacement glass [Puch Maxi]

Pushrod Fifty /

That looks like an Italian CEV bullet headlight shell, not a Puch original. Check home depot for a 4" emergency single sealed beam bulb that might fit.

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