Puch maxi bogging and airfilter backfire

Steven Kamerling /

Hello there, so w couple of days ago I installed a performance exhaust and new cilinder on my Puch maxi, I was driving it today when it bogged down and I heard backfire but when I looked at my exhaust nothing happened, it was coming out of my airfilter. Like proper backfire coming out of my airfilter, so I have two questions

1: why is my Puch bogging and not idling

2: why is there backfire coming out of my airfilter

Re: Puch maxi bogging and airfilter backfire

Probably Fred /

Is magneto serviced and are you timed correctly? Read this completely:


Re: Puch maxi bogging and airfilter backfire

Beach Club Nick /

Maybe you sheared the woodruff key and your timing is off?

Re: Puch maxi bogging and airfilter backfire

If you are backfiring through your exhaust or carb/airfilter, it is because your timing somehow moved (alot) or you smoked your condenser. Install a new plug, clean and re-gap your points and check that your timing is close. If it is stock and close to where it should be, it should not backfire. After those potential issues have been addressed and if it is still backfiring, I would just about guarantee you that the condenser has failed. You can use the following link to make a tester and if it quits backfiring with the tester in place, just leave it. USUALLY, you do not have to remove the faulty one, you can just add another one into the ignition circuit.

PS. If your bike is backfiring, it certainly won't have the ability to idle.

Link to make a condenser tester (edited)

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