Re: Motobecane 50v starts but that's about it. what now?

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Ok update:

Yesterday I went into the clutch, cleaned out the bell and scuffed up the pads. After cleaning the carb adjusting the timing I got it running and the clutch catching. Though it still doesn't want to idle, with a little throttle it stays running. I immediately switched to a 79 jet, out of concern that if I have it too lean it'd lock up.

Admittedly this time around I advanced the timing further than usual. I've had quite the issue with the timing slipping which puts it too far behind. My hope is that it'd slip to where it needs to be. I should probably get the proper tools for this as I have been setting the timing by feel and according to the markings on the cam. I've also entertained the idea of lapping the crankshaft so the cam can hold better.

So I took it for a bit of a ride, and currently it's fairly slow and the engine seems to be vibrating too hard, but it's running. I took a mile long cruise to a restaurant I work at (though shut down due to corona), and there I borrowed an infrared thermometer. The motor registered just above 200 degrees, which is surprisingly low. After riding back home, I gave the motor a good look over. I see no leaks coming from any of the gaskets or anything.

It's my current assumption that I'm running too rich and need to work my way down on jets. It also appears that my throttle is set so that the carb can't open up all the way, which I'll adjust.

I have a stock pipe but I do intend on derestricting (though note, I'm not trying to have a screamer; I just want a bike that can handle hills)

I have the engine properly indexed, which took a 2mm handcut base gasket.

I'll have to check but I'm fairly certain that my carb doesn't have an o ring, and I'll have to look into derestricting the intake.

Hearing about ring gap is new to me (I'm learning on this bike and just had to google that) but should I assume it's coincidentally correct since it hasn't snagged in the cylinder?

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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