Carb leak nu50

I just bought a new bike and I realized that the intake for the carb is wide open with just a small bit of silicone pipe around it and it is leaking a lot of gas. What should I do?

Re: Carb leak nu50

Post a pic .

Re: Carb leak nu50

Intake to carb


Re: Carb leak nu50

Pull the carb and clean it , thoroughly . Then , put an air filter on it .

And , the fuel filter is backwards .

Re: Carb leak nu50

Fuel filter is going from right to left from the photo, is it not supposed to be?

Re: Carb leak nu50

The white part of the filter , it's base , should be toward the carb .

IOW , fuel should enter the other end of the filter and exit through the base , on it's way to the carb .

It's built like it is so you're able to see any filtered material , like water , and take appropriate action .

Re: Carb leak nu50

It sounds as if your float is leaking by if gas is leaking out the back ...check the needle and seat very well if you clean the carb

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