Honda hobbit no spark

So I have this weird no spark issue... one day it ran just fine. Turned it off and it just wouldnt turn on after that. Checked all wires and they seem fine. Replaced the coil and condenser, wasn't it. Replaced the ignition, wasnt it. But my buddy and I found out that if you turn the engine over and turn the key on and off really fast it will spark. But only when the key is being turned. I replaced the rectifier thinking it would have something to do with it. Nothing.... I really dont want to spend more money on it and I replaced almost everything regarding spark on it... please help

Re: Honda hobbit no spark

Sounds like the switch might be dirty or corroded .might get a can of eletronic cleaner and clean it ..

Re: Honda hobbit no spark

i did this about 9 months ago, but i didn't buy anything. spark that was barely there. put all the og stuff back and clean clean clean, and service your points.

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