Hobbit - continuing saga - leakdown test.

On past posts I had trouble setting the timing right and getting the carb clean. Now I think those are OK now but the motor still surges and misses. The local two stroke guru said to do a leak down test. My question is how does one effectively seal up the exhaust port in the jug or do you leave the muffler on and seal the exhaust pipe? I modified my auto leak down tester by installing a 0-30 psi gauge, hooked the tester up to a bicycle hand pump and also made a smoke generator to go with it. Hope this solves the problem. Thanks everyone. Jack

Re: Hobbit - continuing saga - leakdown test.

is this the same hobbit from 6 yrs ago?

Re: Hobbit - continuing saga - leakdown test.

Jack Nielsen /

Pat: No this is not my first. Over the years I have picked up four “junked” Hobbits and I really enjoy taking them apart and getting them running. When done I usually just give them away. I hate to see my account at Treatland for all the money I have spent on parts. Someday I will post a photo of my shop with the Hobbits, my workbench, the Hobbit work tables and a list of all the tools that I acquired to fix the mopeds. Thanks for your interest. Jack

Re: Hobbit - continuing saga - leakdown test.

Pushrod Fifty /

If the port is round, a hardware store rubber stopper will work. If rectangular, make a plate out of metal and a gasket to seal it.

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very good mr. trout. cant help with leak testing but

the worst seal on a hobbit is that crankshaft seal behind the variator/clutcg, u cant see it even if its popped totally off, . u have the tool pull off the clutchbell or make yr own.

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