Crappy wire from Amazon

Well I bought wire for the mopeds from Amazon..went to use it but it's crappy white wire, probably aluminum. Like a dumbass I used it. Now I'm by no means a mechanic like some of you guys, and when I tried to fire it up, it kicked and then nothing. So I'm going to replace the wire with copper. And go from there. The wire is from the light switch to nylon square port on the case . Hopefully that's it.

Re: Crappy wire from Amazon

Dirty30 Dillon /

If all you changed was the feed off the lighting coil, they only way in which it could fail-out the ignition is if you pushed that nylon male spade too far in and the wire is grounding against the flywheel.

Other than that, I would suspect another issue.

Re: Crappy wire from Amazon

Ok. I remember seeing a thread with pics with I similar situation. The flywheel cut into the wire. I'll check, if the wire change out doesn't work. But that wire is carp, it seems to flake when I twisted it. ;(

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